We are very grateful for the generosity of all our donors –   we met our target of £500!

On 9th May 2020, The Hull Society received the sum of 5,853,000 Leones (Five million eight hundred and fifty three thousand Leones) from Mrs Mary Penn-Timity on behalf of the Freetown Society. The Hull Society Executive decided where the funds would be spent in support of Mayor Yvonne Akei Sawyer’s COVID-19 response plan. As they were informed that market and street traders have enough masks, they organised purchasing and delivery as follows:

1200 face masks purchased and delivered to Okada riders (PMB Wellington Okada Riders Association and Model Junction Okada Riders Association, Dwazark Okda Riders Association) (both groups provide motorbike taxi and delivery services)

14 x 25kg rice purchased and distributed to two groups of women traders for them to sell in Wellington and Wilberforce Markets.

25kg of rice delivered to Mahathan Orphanage For Special Needs Children in Grafton Village Freetown

A further 300 face masks will be ordered and distributed.

Again, thank you to all who donated and we will continue to keep you updated across our social media platforms.

(Photography by Barmmy Boy in Freetown)