The Rt Rev’d Thomas Wilson at his Consecration & Enthronement in 2013 as the Anglican Bishop of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The Anglican Diocese of Freetown has a number of local parish links with Hull and East Riding.

Church Links

Hull ChurchesFreetown Churches
Hull Trinity, Hull.Holy Trinity, Kissy Road
St Columbas, Drypool.St Phillips, Patton Street.
St John, Drypool.St John, Brookfields.
St Michael’s, Skidby.St Michael, Waterloo.
St Martin’s, North Road.Christ Church, Pademba Road
St Matthew’s, Boulevard.St Matthew, Aberdeen.
St Peter’s, Bilton.Bishop Crowther Memorial Church.

The Rev’d Allen Bagshawe co-ordinates these links and has led six visits to Freetown to help build the relationships.

The previous Bishop, the Rt Rev’d Julius Lynch visited Hull as far back as 1999 when this Partnership was formed. Following his retirement last year he was succeeded by the Rev’d Thomas Wilson who had been Vicar of Holy Trinity and was well known to us through the link which was already well established.

That link was started in 1980 at the time of the City Twinning and the first visit of officials from Hull to Freetown. The Civil War of the 1990’s saw this link, and many others, fragment. Holy Trinity Church was actually burnt to the ground during the Conflict. A new church has now risen and thanks to some keen fundraising in Hull they were able to source a new pipe organ to lead the worship.


Waiting for Holy Trinity to open for worship


Some of the Ladies ready to welcome the congregation


Catching up on the news as the congregation start arriving soon the place will be packed!