Message from Mary Penn-Timity:


We secured funding for a new project which will see SLAS expand to the southern region in Bo, and also to Koinadugu district (Kabala); its a big project so the planning is huge! Please see the SLA tab for the details.


You will see that we will be in every district except in the east. You will also notice that we will be setting up a food cafe to train young people with autism and intellectual disabilities in hospitality and tourism industry which has been the fastest growing industry in SL pre-corona. This is really a dream come true for many families, including myself. Your support and that of Freetown Society has been key. The motivation alone cannot be quantified.


I am pleading for any assistance, monetarily or otherwise that will be of use to SLAS’ work. I understands that things are difficult globally, as such, I am not expecting anything at this point; just for you to know that if ever there was a way you could help with resources mentioned herein we will be extremely grateful.


Items needed:

Oven                                                                                 Cutlery

Deep fryer                                                                       Pots, pans, baking trays, cake tins

Cooker (electric or gas)                                               Chopping boards

Fridge                                                                               Trays

Freezer                                                                             kettles, teapots, flasks

Stand and hand-held mixers for cake making       Crockery (plates, dishes, cups)

Smoothie makers/blenders                                         Aprons, hair nets, snoods,

Gloves (food/cleaning gloves)


Crockery & cutlery to include disabled friendly range; e.g. easy grip spoons, cups with straws, etc

Furnishings/games/other resources:

Pool table, Air hockey (games)

Sofas, tables and chairs

Wall mounted TV, Music system (CD/DVD player, etc., ); ipads for menus, projector & screen

Air conditioning unit (mobile or wall mounted)

Play resources for young children including sensory toys/books

Arts and craft resources

Printer, Computer (1 or 2) – desk top or lap tops (for trainees who need access)


We look forward to updating the Freetown Society with our work, as you have been and still are such an important partner/supporter for SLAS.


With regards to current situation, we continue to provide food and medicine to our families, and also assistance in how to keep our children engaged, as well as counselling for our carers who need it.