Quickly following from our first donation to the Conforti Community Organisation, we held discussions with our colleagues both in Hull and Freetown as to how the next donations would be spent. Francis Mason of the Conforti Organisation made the valid point that we should direct our aid straight to those at the heart of the devastation. Many of those who lived in the Regent Community lost everything when the mud slide hit. Homes were destroyed. Whole families were killed.

The Conforti Organisation spent a day in the affected Regent Community. They identified 100 families who really needed our help. With a donation of £600 from our fundraising, Francis and his organisation purchased vital resources for these families. We made sure that basic sanitation needs were covered as well as helping to provide some form of shelter. The families received clothing as well as essential cooking utensils and mutli purpose storage resources such as specially designed buckets. The pictures below show how they were distributed.

Obviously more than 100 families were affected and so we plan to donate more to the area. We will keep all updated as we continue to use our fundraising to help the people in our twinned city of Freetown.