A great friend of the Freetown Society, Barmmy Boy (Lansana Mansaray) has been involved with many of our collaborative projects. He is an enthusiastic and extremely talented man who applies his talents to helping to better his community, city and Country.

Barmmy is no stranger to travel and has been around the world promoting his films at festivals and spreading the word about his home town. We are very proud to have supported some of his recent projects. These have included radio programmes to help educate the population on dangers of flooding and other environmental and educational issues and projects.

Earlier this year, Barmmy screened 2 of his recent short films at Hull University’s WISE building. These showcased how Freetown’s fishing trade was being overpowered by Chinese influence. Barmmy has an ability to delve into these sensitive topics with a real sense of respect and pride towards the communities involved. Because of this, their stories are told beautifully and engage with audiences around the world.

Barmmy screened Survivors at Hull Truck Theatre. It was a brilliant evening as the whole audience was engaged with the story telling abilities on the screen. Told through the perspective of the locals on the ground, Survivors explores the efforts of the local people during and in the immediate aftermath of the Ebola outbreak in Freetown. It is an incredible film and one that is so very deserving of this Emmy nomination.

Please do read more about Barmmy Boy’s story and the film here in a recent Hull Daily Mail article: