The reopening of school today, marks the start of turn around in the fight against ebola. Most parents are still not sure about sending their kids to school, as the attendance today was not normal.

On my way back for Cathedral Primary school, I shared a taxi with a parent who told me that she will not allow her kids to attend school now because she will not want a teacher to call 117 for her child feeling poorly in school.

During assembly today at Cathedral Primary School, the head-teacher welcomed the children and admonished them emphasizing the importance of hygienic practices in school and demonstrated regular hand washing with soap. She asked all the children to submit contact numbers for the parents or guardian.

As the children departed and marched to their respective classes, the teachers now check their temperature and ask them to wash their hands with soap at the bucket of water which now stands in front of each class. Let’s stay vigilant to wipe away this sickness from our country.

– Lansana ‘Barmmy Boy’ Mansaray April 14th, 2015, Freetown, Sierra Leone