Faith on the Frontline

As a Sierra Leonean I am proud of the religious tolerance that exists in our country and it is something we should all be proud of. In many parts of the world people use religion

My landlord’s wedding

My Landlord's wedding last weekend brought smiles on worried faces during testing times in the community, the wedding was held in the local cinema hall. Rev: "let me remind all of you in this hall

Sierra Leone health workers

A team of Sierra Leone health workers walk as they look for people suffering from Ebola virus symptoms or people they can educate about the virus as their country enters a three day country wide

Freetown Fashpack

Since last year, the blog Freetown Fashpack has been documenting Sierra Leonean street style. Ebola Deeply is sharing its profiles of frontline Ebola response workers, who say fashion keeps them grounded and cheers them after