Operation Freetown: A Grand Charity Concert

Humberside Martime's  group of Rotary Clubs have an aim to greatly improve hospitals in Sierra Leone. This is a goal we here at the Freetown Society fully support and believe is a fantastic cause. Connaught

Freetown Society Open Evening

Last week's Freetown Society Open Evening was a huge success! We were welcomed by the Afro Caribbean Association who provided a very suitable venue in which those in attendance were entertained, fed and informed. The

John Oldfield: Honouring Wilberforce

In this article, John Oldfield looks at the contextual importance an event such as the Freedom Festival has for today's society. This is a very interesting article that links to our work with Freetown and

Stolen Lives Freedom Festival Performance

  This coming weekend sees the Freedom Festival return to Hull. A celebration of culture and our own history; this festival represents the ideal stage from which to perform. During the afternoon of Saturday 3rd September,

Freetown School Term Date List

Thanks to Barmmy Boy, we have received the term times for the upcoming school year in Freetown. Like our schools, they follow a 3 term structure with holidays for Christmas, Easter and the summer break.

Maritime Trade, Travel and Cultural Encounter Conference

Join members of the Freetown Society at this fascinating conference: Conference Programme: The Hakluyt Society Maritime Trade, Travel and Cultural Encounter in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Location: Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery

Appeal for flood victims in Freetown, Sierra Leone

The Lord Mayor of Kingston upon Hull, Councillor Anita Harrison has today called for urgent support for one of our twinned cities, Freetown. Torrential rainfall in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, last week led

Working together

The Freetown Society, the Hull Society and Conforti have all been working together to help those affected by the recent terrible floods. The Freetown Society sent £2,000 to Francis Mason on Friday 25th. Francis then

Flooding in Freetown

In the last week, Sierra Leone has suffered some of the worst rains in over 40 years resulting in large areas of Freetown being flooded. All schools and businesses were closed for 2 days at

A revised academic calendar 2014/2015

The ministry of Education, Science and Technology [M.E.S.T] Sierra Leone has recently revised the calendar of the current 2014 / 2015 academic year. The first assured communicated date for the reopening of schools was 30th

The Freetown Society Open Meeting

The Freetown Society Open Meeting Thomas Ferens Academy Wednesday 1st July 2015 Programme: 6.30 Kathleen Guthrie, Chairperson. 6.35 Welcome by the Lord Mayor of Hull. 6.40 A short film produced by Barmmy Boy

Congo town and Empowering Children School

Article by: Ibrahim A. Kamara Congo town is a great place; with charming people, mixed and exciting cultures. The brightly painted wooden houses built by late Congolese settlers preserved the community's historic looks, young men