A tribute to our Executive Member, Dr Judith Preston-Anderson

The unexpected passing of our dear friend Judith means that our Freetown-Hull Partnership has lost a truly significant member. Judith was an activist and probably exhausted her heart condition because she was unable to step

Chair’s Visit Report from the #TransformFreetown launch in Freetown.

I have recently returned from a wonderful week in Freetown where I was proud to represent the Freetown Society at a number of important events. The main reason for my visit was at the invitation

Our Open Evening Celebration

We had an incredible evening on October 23rd. It was a privilege to listen to Freetown's Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr. Her vision to Transform Freetown follows such a clear and well thought out plan, it is

A celebration of Hull Freetown week in Freetown

Following the entertaining Freetown Society Open Evening in Hull, I was honoured to represent the Society in Freetown to share in the week of events arranged by Simon Ingram-Hill, the Director of the British Council,

Hull Freetown Week 2017 PowerPoint for schools.

At the Freetown Society, we love to see pupils and teachers across the schools in Hull getting involved in projects and raising awareness of the two twinned cities. Monday 23rd October marks the start of

How your donations have helped Freetown.

Our Just Giving page (https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/thefreetownsocietyfloodingfund) has reached its final day (14/9.17). The online donations have reached an incredible £7390! The support Freetown has received from its twinned city of Hull has been staggering. Combining both

How we are helping the Regent Community in Freetown.

Quickly following from our first donation to the Conforti Community Organisation, we held discussions with our colleagues both in Hull and Freetown as to how the next donations would be spent. Francis Mason of the

Latest update on how our fundraising is helping the people of Freetown.

At the time of writing this article (23/8/17), our online fundraising total was £6795! https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/thefreetownsocietyfloodingfund We have also received over £1000 of donations in our buckets around Hull's City Centre as well as over £500

Our first donations have been sent to Freetown.

The fundraising campaign we set up just under a week ago has now raised over £6000 (please do continue to donate and share the link: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/thefreetownsocietyfloodingfund). We have been overwhelmed by the support the people

Tragic Flooding and Mud Slides in Freetown

When we saw the awful news coming from Freetown, it was hard to take. It is unimaginable what those people affected have had to endure over the past couple of days. The images have been

The successful ‘Clean Freetown’ project.

Over the past year, we have been supporting a project called 'Clean Freetown' run by Gladys Cole and the Freetown City Council. The aim has been to aid with a city wide clean up of Freetown through

Rotary Club Grand Charity Concert

The Freetown Mix are always guaranteed to bring flavours of Sierra Leone to Hull and so we promote this fantastic concert! We look forward to attending and hope to see many others present.