The fundraising campaign we set up just under a week ago has now raised over £6000 (please do continue to donate and share the link: We have been overwhelmed by the support the people of Hull have shown to their twinned city of Freetown. Our aim is to help those who have been directly affected by the tragic flooding and mudslides. The UK Government has responded swiftly with their pledges of support both in terms of feet on the ground in Freetown as well as monetary donations. We are proud of the people of Hull and all those who have donated and want to give an update as to how the funds are being spent.

This morning (21/9/2017), we sent the first 2 money grams over to Freetown. Both were for the amount of £200. The first £200 has been sent to Conforti Organisation. They highlighted specific requirements of those who have been affected. The £200 will purchase 2000 toiletry packs to ensure hygiene is maintained amidst the threat of water born diseases. With the funds they will also purchase bundles of clean water to help with this. Conforti, led by Francis Mason, is a fantastic organisation who do great work for the people of Freetown through education and by giving young adults the opportunity to begin their own business with trade skills courses. It is fitting that we are able to support them at this time.

The second £200 was sent to Ibrahim Kamara who is the head teacher of Empowering Children School in Freetown. This is a school partnered with St Mary Queen of Martyrs Primary School of Hull. Many families of pupils at his school have been affected by the floods and are now homeless. Last week, he distributed clothing to 40 families and with the £200 that was sent over today he has already purchased and distributed sets of bed sheets and covers to those families. This means they now have clothes to change into as well as a comfortable place to sleep at night.

We are receiving requests from colleagues in Freetown and will continue to distribute funds to those who have been affected. Thank you again to the people of Hull and to all those who have donated. The people of our twinned city of Freetown are always on our minds and in our hearts.