World Poetry Day

As part of their joint work, the partner schools in Hull and Freetown, are working towards producing a joint poetry book. Hull pupils have written an amazing variety of poems which have been read by the International Pupil Council. The closure of the schools in Freetown has delayed the project but now their schools have

Welcome Back to School boxes

Following a suggestion from the International Pupil Council, which is made up of pupils from Hull schools with a Freetown partner, staff and pupils have been busy putting together boxes of gifts and useful items to wish their friends and colleagues good luck as they return to school after the Ebola Crisis. There are already

Greetings from Tony

My name is John and I am a Water and Sanitation Specialist with Doctors Without Borders in Magburaka in Sierra Leone. For the last two months I have had the pleasure of knowing our mutual friend Tony Gbla. Tony works in the Logistics dispensary in the MSF Ebola Management Centre, and he has been doing

Back to Freetown

Having been stranded in Hull for six months, Barmmy talks about the changes he see's on his return trip to Freetown in January 2015.

Schools re-open in Freetown

The reopening of school today, marks the start of turn around in the fight against ebola. Most parents are still not sure about sending their kids to school, as the attendance today was not normal. On my way back for Cathedral Primary school, I shared a taxi with a parent who told me that she

Sierra Leone Ebola Campaign

Since the outbreak of Ebola, filmmakers at WeOwnTv have been producing educational videos and public service announcements to help sensitize the country about the current Ebola crisis, teaching critical information about preventing the spread of the disease. weOwnTV filmmakers and a network of citizen journalists have also been reporting on the outbreak and producing documentary

Faith on the Frontline

As a Sierra Leonean I am proud of the religious tolerance that exists in our country and it is something we should all be proud of. In many parts of the world people use religion to create differences and war, but in Sierra Leone Muslims and Christians have been living together happily. During the devastating

My landlord’s wedding

My Landlord's wedding last weekend brought smiles on worried faces during testing times in the community, the wedding was held in the local cinema hall. Rev: "let me remind all of you in this hall that ebola is not yet gone.  You may kiss the bride"--- Later that night, during celebrations, the police showed up,

Sierra Leone health workers

A team of Sierra Leone health workers walk as they look for people suffering from Ebola virus symptoms or people they can educate about the virus as their country enters a three day country wide lockdown on movement of people due to the Ebola virus in the city of Freetown, Sierra Leone, Friday, March. 27,

Freetown Fashpack

Since last year, the blog Freetown Fashpack has been documenting Sierra Leonean street style. Ebola Deeply is sharing its profiles of frontline Ebola response workers, who say fashion keeps them grounded and cheers them after a tough week. The following excerpts and photographs were originally published on the blog, Freetown Fashpack . Fashion Friday While