The ministry of Education, Science and Technology [M.E.S.T] Sierra Leone has recently revised the calendar of the current 2014 / 2015 academic year.

The first assured communicated date for the reopening of schools was 30th march 2015, Saturday schooling was added in to consideration with an intense academic work. Amid an intense fight against a deadly Ebola various, proper preparedness required, schools environment cleaning and the distribution of safety gears became paramount to ensure safeness in schools. A new calendar was restructured and the previous opening date of 30th March was extended to 14 April and ends 6th November. This time, Saturday schooling was removed as the time had extended the calendar framed according to the normal previous five days in a week school routine.

Recently, the Calendar has also been revised, 2014 /2015 academic year has now been extended from the previous end date of 6th November 2015, to now end 11th December 2015.

And 2015 /2016 academic year now commences on 4th January 2016, instead of the 30th November 2015, as previously communicated.

These changes have left school Authorities with no alternative, but to carefully restructure 2014 / 2015 Calendar, to achieve maximum teaching-learning contact hours per teacher-pupil, with anticipation of higher academic productivity

The Ebola catastrophe brought lots challenges in Sierra Leone sectors. The academic is one of the most hit areas which are now struggling to revive. This crisis changed the whole shape of the normal school routine. These changes touch the whole education learning, exams, planning, schedules, calendars and the making decisions by education leaders became more critical than ever, but we just have to adjust.

Please find the revised calendar below.
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Ibrahim A Kamara